Our Fellowship Committee is a highly dedicated and talented group who create many of the memorable events here at MIPC!  Some of the regular programs we provide are:

  • Tremendous Tuesdays:  During the school year, we serve dinner each Tuesday at 5:45 pm.  We provide the food and donations are welcome!   
  • Sunday Fellowship Time:  All year round, we provide fresh coffee and goodies in the Narthex between services.
  • Game Day:  Held monthly on the 4th Thursday from 10-1 in the Activities Room, this is an opportunity for fun and fellowship, plus lunch!  

There are many annual events that have become tradition here at MIPC, all provided or supported by the Fellowship team.  Here are just a few:

  • Epiphany Bonfire (January)
  • Congregational Meeting Brunch (January)
  • Graduation Dinner for Childcare Center (May)
  • Corn Boil (June)
  • Rally Day Brunch (September)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner (November)
  • Church Picnic (varies)
  • Youth Silent Auction (varies)
  • Meet and Greet Luncheon (varies)