Faith Formation Ministries


Our 10th Annual Women's Retreat was awesome! It was a fun filled spiritual day with a wonderful group of women! Here are a few pictures from our event. If you missed it, please join us next year. We would love to have you!


Fall Faith Enrichment opportunities:

ADULTS:  Come and join Dave Hertzler and Fred Shay in a spiritual Bible Study as they explore the “Book of Daniel.”  10 AM in the Session Room.

CHILDREN & YOUTH:  AWESOME ADVENTURES:  Explore Old and New Testament stories of God’s people on the move. Anna and Jake will guide your group of adventurers as they explore the stories of amazing kids in the Bible, including Isaac, Miriam, young Jeremiah and 12-year old Jesus.  10 AM in the Activities Room.

Big Girls Only Bible Study, led by Carolyn Crockett, meets every Wednesday at 9:30 in the Session Room.