Kids Klub

Welcome to Kids Klub Performing Arts Ministry!

MIPC’S Kids Klub program features positive reinforcement through the performing arts in a Christian atmosphere.  Kids Klub was started in 1983 for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our goal has always been to make every child feel like a star. We seek to develop God given gifts and talents as we minister to children, youth and their families through creative inspirational drama, dance and music. Our aim is to entertain, build confidence and self-esteem, and share the joy and promise of our faith with our community. Children participate in games, crafts, prayer time, snack time and rehearsals for the show which is performed at the end of each semester.  For more information or questions about this amazing ministry, please contact our Director of Performing Arts, Mary Lou Tipton at 321-452-5948 or, or Pam Poland, Faith Formation Ministries Associate at 321-452-5689 ext. 1003, or 


 Mission: Possible (April 2023)


We Three Spies (December 2019)


Danny & The Shacks (Spring 2019)

Wrapping All the Way (Fall 2018)

 Star Quest (Spring 2018)